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Healthy Eats On The Go-Healthy Food Ideas For Life’s Busy Activities

This ebook is 116 pages and includes recipes for the following activities:

*Zoo Foods

*Beach Days

*Playdate Snacks


*Park Days

*On The Run

*Long Car Rides

*Better Breakfasts

*Healthy School Lunches

*Healthy Classroom Snacks

*Birthday Party Options

 Each section contains 8-10 recipes submitted by bloggers.  Each section also contains great tips and ideas for that specific category!

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 UNPROCESS ME-A 7 Day Whole Food Challenge

This ebook guides you through 7 days of eating unprocessed foods.  It provides a shopping list, goal setting help, daily menu planner, recomendations for the 7 days, and time saving tips for the kitchen!  It includes:

  • 14 breakfast recipes
  • 17 lunch recipes
  • 18 dinner recipes
  • 26 snack and dessert recipes
This ebook is designed to help you learn easy and quick meal ideas that you can incorporate into your everyday meal planning.  By removing processed foods from your diet for one week you will feel the difference and be well equipped to continue eating healthier foods.
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Mommy Menus Ebook

A compilation of recipes submitted by Mommy Bloggers.  The book is set up with daily menus which include:

  • breakfast
  • lunch
  • snack
  • dinner
  • dessert
  • drink
Each Mommy Blogger submitted an entire day’s worth of recipes that are kid approved.  Plus, meet each mommy by reading about them in the book and then visit their blog for more awesome recipes!!  The recipes included are meat free, dairy free, gluten free, and best of all no cooking is involved!!!

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Color Wheel Meals Recipe Manual

Includes 50 recipes separated into 5 categories:

  • Juice/Nutmylks-includes 10 recipes
  • Smoothies-includes 10 recipes
  • Fruit Combos-includes 10 recipes
  • Veggie Combos-includes 10 recipes
  • Desserts-includes 10 recipes
 The recipes included are meat free, dairy free, gluten free, and best of all no cooking is involved!!!  The recipes are great for kids wanting to be involved in the kitchen!!

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30 Days of Green Smoothies

Includes 30 recipes of green smoothies.  Recipes are broken into weeks and each week comes with a shopping guide.

  • Week 1 plus shopping guide
  • Week 2 plus shopping guide
  • Week 3 plus shopping guide
  • Week 4 plus shopping guide
These recipes do require having a blender or smoothie maker.  Each recipe is a combination of fruit and greens which is an easy way to pack lots of nutrition in one sitting!

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****Format: My ebooks are delivered as PDF files that I email to you personally in 1-12 hours (much sooner during business hours).  Each book is sent seperate to keep files smaller.

How to Make Healthy Frozen Treats!!

I recently won a copy of


through a giveaway hosted by


The book has beautiful photos and some really great ideas for Ice Pops too!!

After reading through the book I felt inspired to come up with some recipes of my own-which I am excited to share with you!!

SO, my first idea was to use some fresh squeezed orange juice…

once I had juiced 2-3 oranges I poured the juice into some small glasses that I had.

but only 1/3 of the way!!!

I then placed plastic wrap over the tops of the glasses and stuck a popsicle stick in each one-the plastic wrap will hold the stick straight until it freezes!!

Once the orange juice layer had froze

I added some coconut milk and returned these creations back to the freezer!!

Once the second layer had froze I added a third layer of orange juice and froze that as well….

The results???

Orange Creamsicles!!!!

My kids were excited to try these too!!

These were so easy and fun for the kids I decided to try out some more ideas floating around in my head!!!

My next idea was to make a creamy coconut chia bar….something my kids could really indulge in!!

I started with some coconut milk and added in some maple syrup, chia seeds, and dried coconut flakes.

Poured it into molds and placed them into the freezer!!


I also put coconut flakes on the top before I added the lids…I thought this would be a fun little added treat !!

I had so much fun making these that I have 2 more to share!!!

Next I decided to experiment with a 2 layer pop…

I started with some bananas, chia seeds and a little almond milk….I blended it up and poured half into some glasses.

Then I added raspberries to the remainder of the mix to turn it pink…

Another hit!!!

Next I decided to make a 3 layer pop!!!


For the first layer, I started with some non dairy yogurt (my son is allergic to dairy), I added in a small amount of maple syrup and some blueberries and froze.

For the next layer, I used non dairy yogurt, maple syrup and a banana and then froze.

The the third layer, I used non dairy yogurt, maple syrup, and strawberries and then froze.


These were so fun to make and my kids enjoyed them too!!!

Which one do you think your kids would like the best??

What are some other ideas that would make great healthy frozen treats??

I would love your feedback!!

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