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  1. Just ordered your “Green Smoothie” ebook…..and will be joining you on the 21-day Green Smoothie challenge. My kids are grown & gone and I have one 10 yr old granddaughter whom I’m trying to get to eat healthier. Also have a few friends from another program I’m doing online & will pass along your information. I too was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease……Lupus a couple years ago, but they feel I’ve had it for years. Have been switching over to a vegan diet, which I had done in the past and starting to feel better. I could use more “green smoothie” recipes, as I have one that is my favorite. Thanks for sharing……….

  2. Hello! You recently commented on my Kombucha-brewing guide (glad to find someone else who does it), and I had a question with which you, your experienced Kombucha-brewing self, could perhaps help me. After my first 3 weeks of brewing, I found about 4 tiny, white, squiggly bugs (maggots?) crawling along the top of my scoby. They didn’t touch the actual kombucha and the brew didn’t taste or smell off (rather, more off than it should). Thoughts? Should I be concerned? I also found this interesting tidbit: Sandor Katz, the author of Wild Fermentation and Kombucha expert, simply scrapes any mold (much scarier than maggots, in my opinion!) that might occur off the top of the Scoby and keeps right on brewing, asserting that if you re-feed the Kombucha, the the “good” Scoby will defeat any other bacteria…and he’s been brewing Kombucha for over 10 years.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi!!! Yikes…I would probably throw it out and start over!! If you are seeing anything swimming around then there are probably more that haven’t hatched yet and I wouldn’t want to be drinking them!!
      Interesting about Sandor Katz-but I wouldn’t do that with mine…I would hate to get sick and then be scared to home brew!! Good luck with yous and thanks for stopping by!!

  3. You inspired me to buy some kale. What should I do with it that I can be sure the kids will like? I tried kale chips – they were great, but pretty messy to make.

  4. Great mission Samantha !
    Wonderful to read about You and your experience.
    When You did your research, did You also come about Dr.Edmond Szekely, and the greatest medical experience ever conducted – on over 100’000 people over a period of 35 years? The conclusion: basically every allergy is curable within 2 years, if a strict 100% abstinence of all animal protein is being followed. For obvious reasons this experiment was never acknowledged from mainstream medicine and kept away from medical students. As medical services are not intended for helping people to be healthy, but to treat sick people – in cooperation with the food industry, that keeps doctors and the pharmaceutical industry (which is as huge and dominant as the oil industry) earning well. Sadly its all about money and powerplays instead of people.

    One thing I did not see You mention, is the importance of alkaline water.
    I think You know – otherwise check it out. The PH balance is a very important part of nutrition.

    As You call it ‘colourwheel-meals’ You are probably familiar with the Rainbow Diet from Dr. Gabriel Cousons ? Check it out if not.

    Wishing You, your family and all those You touch, the best !

    HaRa Hopf

  5. loved the “Caramel” filled “eggs”, they were a hit.
    FYI I made real chewy caramels for the kids with:
    1 cup honey
    1 cup almond milk
    1/2 cup coconut oil
    boiled until hot 250 degrees, then took off flame, added
    1 tsp vanilla
    stirred and poured into a 9 inch square pan to set, then cut with greased knife into bite size squares, froze and dipped into melted non dairy 72% chocolate
    and the possibilities are endless for candy apples, mixed with other things for other candy ideas

  6. Hi there,

    My daughter is making your healthy fruit lollies. So far we have just used fruit without the Agave. Ours seem to come out thinner after drying than yours shown in the pictures. Can you please tell me if adding the agave would make a difference of if it is just for taste? Thank you

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