Fruit Nook

So, we have always had a little problem in our house.  We do not have a dining area and we have a pretty small kitchen, so small in fact that it just barely fits a small round table.  We also have very little counter space and cupboard space so when I buy our weekly produce it would always end up beautifully displayed on our kitchen table.

While it is fun to look at the wonderful display every day as I walk into our kitchen, it has interrupted our time as a family.  With all of this fruit overtaking our only dining table we were unable to sit as a family for our meals.  My kids would usually end up at a folding table in the living room, I would sit on the couch and my husband on the stairs.  I was making sure my family was well fed but I was neglecting the “family time” that mealtimes were supposed to bring.

This was so very important to my husband that we sit down as a family and eat dinner together, so one day I mentioned if I only had another place or shelf to hold all of my fruit!!  That same day we decided that we would go out and buy an inexpensive shelving unit to hold our produce.

We looked at several places and finally decided on a metal shelving unit that would fit nicely in the corner right next to our cabinets!

It has enabled us to clear our table and enjoy our dinners together as a family, but has also given me a fun place to keep our produce!!!  Let me show you!!!

On the top shelf I have a pineapple and behind that is my aloe plant!!!

On the second shelf I have a bowl of juicing oranges, some tomatoes, and red peppers!!

On the third shelf we have bananas, another tomato and a mango!!

Next, we have some juicy red apples and a few avocados!!

Lastly, we have a huge box of clementines!!

Once my husband put this together and I placed my fruit on it I realized I didn’t have enough room for everything so I actually had to go out and buy another one!!!  LOL

We now have 2 of these metal shelving units in our kitchen-one on each side of our cabinets!!

I love having this and I love stocking it with new produce each week!!  Most of the shelves are within reaching distance of both my children so they don’t even have to ask to grab a treat!!  They can just freely grab when they are hungry!!

I am eagerly anticipating summer when a whole bunch of fresh fruit is in season and I can fill it overabundantly!!!

I may have to invest in another one!!!


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7 thoughts on “Fruit Nook

    • Thanks!! I love how I can still have a lot of fruit but not take up a lot of space!!! Plus, the evenings meals have been great!!! I thought my kids would complain but they haven’t!! It has been a great solution!!

    • Thanks and a few years ago a lady was selling little baby ones at a garage sale in dixie cups and I bought 2!!! Now I have these 2 HUGE aloe plants and I need to find new homes for some of them…..would you like some???

  1. I LOVE this. Sheri (from Green and Crunchy fame) blogged about a similar set up a while back. Thanks for showing yours because I think I’m going to try to do the same thing! We are always losing counter space to our produce. Best to you!

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